LauraLynn Jansen

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the Teacher

“It’s all Yoga,” LauraLynn often reminds folks. Whether refining mechanics of the body in an asana (posture), guiding a meditative practice, or prompting insights of the heart and soul. Her lifelong inquiry into Yoga endows her with a vast perspective into this ancient exploration of Self. READ MORE

the Innovator

LauraLynn is a published author, an innovator in sustainable leadership, and has been a cutting-edge illuminator on the pathway of wellness as an Integrative Health Coach for over two decades. READ MORE

the Creative

Many decades ago I started repurposing items out of scrap textiles and other found objects (sea glass, discarded items, etc.). My main goal was to reuse, in order to keep them out of the landfills. As I have put more notches in to my cancer survivorship belt (three decades now) I reaffirm this mission even more deeply today considering the state of our planet. READ MORE