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Written Testimonials

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Coaching (organizational clients)

Denise R., Director, Life Learning Center – St. Joseph Health System, Sonoma County, CA

Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital (part of St. Joseph Health System – Sonoma County) began to explore new ways to address injury prevention of our nurses on a few of our hardest hit nursing units, (in terms of injuries and Worker’s Compensation costs.)

Formation of a pilot project was developed to include postural assessment and re-training, along with a focus with an awareness and self-care. I hired LauraLynn Jansen to act as both Project Manager and Integrative Health Coach for this pilot project. Our goal was a well designed and administered wellness program. track and oversee the project, design individual integrated health programs for participants, distribute wellness inventories, and provide individual health coaching.

Our program exceeded all expectations regarding participation and engagement. Over 80% of our the individuals who attended the initial meeting continued to participate over the next four months. Those who met with LauraLynn for ongoing coaching set weekly measurable goals. Goals were achieved, as rated by participants, at a range of 70-90%. New awareness of self-care increased by all involved, along with a willingness to address long standing risk behavior, i.e. smoking, overeating, sedentary behavior, etc.

In assessment of the early success of this pilot project, I credit LauraLynn for engaging participants through her skillful coaching and support. On completion of the project, numerous participants have chosen to continue to work with her at their own expense. LauraLynn demonstrated rigorous oversight of the myriad of details in running this program. Her ability to put event the most cynical RN at ease, along with her range of competencies including Yoga Instructor, Nutrition Consultant, Strength Trainer and Co-Active Life Coach allowed participants to customize their own health plan to meet individual needs. I highly recommend LauraLynn Jansen as a skilled Integrative Health Coach and trainer. She has been a valuable asset to our Pilot Project for St. Joseph Health System – Sonoma County!

Jan N., retired nurse, Santa Rosa, CA

LauraLynn Jansen has been working with me as my coach for over 6 years. I started with her during a pilot health program offered at my workplace. As that program ended I found great benefit to the coaching process and continued to work with LauraLynn, at first in person and the last 4 years or so have been through telephone sessions. Even though I prefer the in-person format, I have also benefited from our telephone coaching sessions.

I have found LauraLynn easy to talk to and develop a trusting relationship with. It is because of this feeling of trust that I have being able to open up, share my self and emotions with her. She has helped me through times I felt despair and had little hope for change. She encourages me when I succeed and especially when I fall short of my goals. She helps me see and celebrate my progress. She knows me well enough now that she knows how to help me use my strengths to overcome my weaknesses. I have never found her to be judgmental or condescending in any way. She is always respectful and supportive.

I have been very fortunate to have LauraLynn as my life coach. It is largely because of her today that I am pain free, able to work and experience better health. I am now looking forward to life and what it has to offer instead of accepting disability and suffering as a way of life.


Coaching (individual clients)

Emerald N., USAF, Virginia Beach, VA

Working with you was suchI Working with you was such a blessing. I went through many phases of life all in the.         one year we worked together and you had an amazing ability to meet me where I was, and help me grow from there. The way you helped me get to the bottom of my own values and purpose will shape the entire course of my career. It gave me a foundation, and deepened my roots so I can continue to grow upward and root downward firmly. It reminded me of my truth…

R. Renee, Entreprenurer,  Atco, NJ

Over the past several years, LauraLynn Jansen has been my coach. I continually realize the large and small ways that my life has improved through her guidance. I love her multidimensional coaching skills and always look forward to our regular phone sessions.

I have experienced a great deal of personal growth throughout my time working with LauraLynn. We often spend the session time discussing my career in music. As a singer/songwriter, I have most often been able to stay connected to my creative self, but have harbored fears about the business. My confidence level around contacting and maintaining connections with the people in my field has grown, many found with LauraLynn’s sincere encouragement. Whenever I begin to feel overwhelmed with too many tasks and not enough hours in the day, what at one point would have turned into depression and a sense of helplessness so much more easily becomes increased focus and organization. LauraLynn has a deep understanding of the holistic nature of wellness and overall personal success—she keeps me on a healthy path of diet, weight training, yoga, and cardio exercise, while helping me give attention to my chosen spiritual path. I am touched by how much her somatic approach taps into the wisdom of the body and I am so grateful for how much all this put together has been moving me along the way to some real transformation.

My favorite type of exercise LauraLynn uses with me involves rooting out my “gremlins.” Whenever there are creeping doubts that begin to hinder my progress, she shows me the great opportunity I have to burst through yet another self-imposed barrier. I am so happy to be fully in the process of recognizing and facing my “gremlins.” It is a lot of fun, and there is real power in co-creating ingenious ways to kick them out of my brain! I owe many thanks to LauraLynn Jansen, and I hope you will help her along her path of helping others so profoundly.

Group Facilitation & Engagement

Juanita Salinas, Texas Dept. of Social & Health Services, Austin, TX

LauraLynn Jansen’s work in Texas consisted of guiding four community cancer coalitions through a logic model planning process. With LauraLynn’s help the coalitions prioritized and mapped their activities for a period of five years. LauraLynn’s unique style and expertise in facilitation helped the groups overcome existing rifts and bond them in a common goal. Evaluations of those meetings consistently praised LauraLynn’s enthusiasm and energy. Her work with these communities has had lasting impact as these groups continue to work (now three years later) on implementing those priorities. In addition, LauraLynn was active in her own community cancer coalition where she was a mover and a shaker and helped inspire the rest of the volunteers to organize and take action. She served as chair for two years until she relocated to a different part of the country. Her high productivity and enthusiasm, as a cancer survivor, inspired everyone and made their work more real and meaningful.


K. Ruckle, Madison, WI

LauraLynn spoke at my work on The Choice of Leadership: It takes a Rebel and she is right, it does take a Rebel to become a good leader. She demonstrated how to create an open line of communication and trust with people who’s respect you want to earn. She accomplished this by sharing techniques that she uses when she works with young adults who have faced extremely challenging situations in this world who are very guarded about giving people whom that don’t know or don’t think understand them their trust. LauraLynn was quick to teach people how to gain oneself center before trying to open lines of communication with others. I was really impressed with and really connected with her message about how important it is generate trust and understanding with the people whom you want to lead or teach which can occur at all levels of life whether you are a parent, manager or community leader.

Connie Cotter, Covance Laboratories, Madison, WI

LauraLynn spoke to my company’s Women’s Leadership Network on “The Choice of Leadership”. WOW!! Even without a fancy PowerPoint presentation or booming microphone, her presence took command of the room. She held our attention as she shared her work with young girls; explaining how she helps the girls to recognize the choices they have in becoming leaders at whatever level they can. LauraLynn provided basic, practical steps we can all take, starting immediately. She provided humor and light-heartedness, yet soul-reaching messages that can apply to each of us. At times, the room was silent. I believe each attendee was internally reflecting on LauraLynn’s words and how to apply in their individual lives.

In reflecting upon my experience of the session, the word continues to be “WOW!” I really do have a choice each and every day, multiple times a day. It all starts with me and becoming more aware of myself in this world. Taking the time to slow down and breath, connecting with myself, puts all things in perspective.


Cathy J., Nova Scotia, Canada

What I love about Laura Lynn’s approach to yoga is that it beautifully integrates the spiritual, the emotional and the physical. She easily creates a warm and intimate atmosphere for the yoga practice and through that creates a space where you can feel comfortable to work at any experience or fitness level. She works with you wherever you are in your capability and helps you get the most from the practice. Her attention to detail and her deep understanding of bio-mechanics support the quality of the postures, the benefits and the overall experience.

My body thanks you for the yoga last weekend.

Don H., Panama City Beach, FL

I have taken yoga from many great teachers around the USA. I now count you among them.

Mary Ellen M., Falls Church, VA

The way you teach yoga is slightly revolutionary. It is so much more effective because your concern for the yoga student is to learn the proper technique. I would never where I am in my yoga practice, without this fabulous instruction. On two ski trips this season, I changed by body position and used the inward spiral. My knee pain went away and I was able to ski all day without fatigue!

Pam W., Boston, MA

LauraLynn Jansen is a very knowledgeable, experienced, and gifted teacher. I especially love her Fundamentals class, which offers instruction in classical hatha and Vinyassa yoga. LauraLynn consistently provides skillful, insightful, supportive, and caring instruction for students of all levels, from beginner to experienced practitioner. LauraLynn’s classes are a great find!


Lisa W., Panama City, FL

Before starting yoga with you I had only taken it once before and was not impressed. It was in a gym setting with a large class and an uneducated instructor. I also thought it was something rich soccer moms did thinking they were ‘enlightened’ from the experience. My experience and education with you has changed my thoughts and given me something I didn’t know was missing. I admit I giggled a lot at first thinking you were a little too granola for my taste. But I quickly started to get so much out of class. I love that you teach us from the ground up. I love that you put yourself into each class. You not only get my body challenged, you challenge my mind. I don’t think I’ll ever forget your class where we opened our “love garages.” Exercise always leaves you feeling good. But I honestly can say that nothing has left me fuller and happier than yoga. I always leave with a smile on my face that doesn’t fade for hours. And I know you and how you teach has a lot to do with that. So thank you!”

Lucy H., Sebastapol, CA

Thank you for your invaluable help during a difficult time after breast cancer and bi-lateral breast surgery.

I have been coming to LauraLynn’s yoga classes for months and have received knowledge, assistance, personal attention and kindness from her each and every time in her weekly class.

LauraLynn has brought gifts to me that are almost beyond words and which will forever stay with me. They are inside my heart and mind. To follow, find examples of the love she showed to each and every single person in her class.

Along with personalized yoga exercises, LauraLynn incorporates visualization and relaxation at the end of her sessions. My first example (but of course, there are many more) is her guiding us to a rainbow of colors of our choice. I turned over and slowly slid down to the ground all the while breathing in the colors, feeling that they were healing me. Those colors remain in my body. Another is the feeling of being grounded. LauraLynn guided us to grow roots out of our feet into the ground. Humans, creatures of this earth and flora are all intertwined, filled up with love. A favorite of mine is thinking of being on a warm beach with turquoise water. We ask an animal or human to come closer. I had a dolphin right in front of me who came in just for me, as well as birds in the palm trees and my old pal, my dog, at my side. LauraLynn guided us to ask them why they were there. Without any words I heard each one in my mind say, “because I love you.” Joy and surprise entered my being as well as a feeling of being cared for. I felt healing occurring.

LauraLynn puts us into a rigourous yoga routine prior to imaginings, which is personally fitted to each and every person in her class. She has never hesitated to ask us at the beginning if we have any new problems or pains.

LauraLynn will be leaving our cancer group soon, having to move to another state. I will forever remember and keep within my heart what she has brought to me.

Randy D., Santa Rosa, CA

Your “Gentle Yoga Class” assisted in pulling me out of my depression after my surgery for ovarian cancer. The best way to describe how I felt was like falling down a well and not being able to grasp onto anything, just falling, having no control.

Attending your gentle yoga classes helped restore the balance that I had lost. I remember coming home after my first class, it was so exhilarating, like the first time I rode a bicycle without hands.

Your gentle exercises afforded me the opportunity to get back in touch with my physical and spirit being. Additionally through your guidance of breath and relaxation allowed me to get back in touch with my spiritual self and through that unity I have been able to restore my health both physically and mentally.

I am grateful for your class it has meant a lot to me and I know this greatly contributed to my healing process. I will carry this experience with me for the rest of my life and will continue to practice yoga as a result of your teachings.


What I love about Laura Lynn’s approach to yoga is that it beautifully integrates the spiritual, the emotional and the physical. She easily creates a warm and intimate atmosphere for the yoga practice and through that creates a space where you can feel comfortable to work at any experience or fitness level. She works with you wherever you are in your capability and helps you get the most from the practice. Her attention to detail and her deep understanding of bio-mechanics support the quality of the postures, the benefits and the overall experience. My body thanks you for the yoga last weekend.

Yoga (on the Water)/Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP)

Kelsey S., Panama City Beach, FL

Thank you again for such an amazing experience yesterday! And for the great pictures! There is always discussions about how yoga is such a mind body connection and when you go to a yoga class to always remember to “keep it on the mat.” A lot of times I let my mind wander to other events of the day or things I need to do, but during this SUP yoga it was such a unique opportunity to be there on the water and “on my mat/board.” I felt very connected to my practice, my self, my mind. Thank you again for such an incredible time on the water!

Melanie C., Panama City, FL

Just wanted to remind you how awesome you are. I just took an ashtanga class and rocked my urdva d! It’s all thanks to you and sup yoga! **Hugs** and thank you for sharing your gifts with me!