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Why do I do yoga?

Because it resettles my body.
Because it rights my brain in thought.
Because it reminds me what I really love about my life.
Because it reconnects me to what my soul earns the most for.

As someone who has does done some form of yogic practice via the eight limbs for almost twenty-five years I love when I open my internet (set to the NYTimes health page) and see articles like this pop up on Meditation.

I am fascinated and slightly elated when I find an e-mail from a yoga gear and clothing retailer like Zobha in my inbox offering me a chance to stock my wardrobe if I answer the question, How Would You Use Free Yoga Gear in 2011?

I chuckle… let me count the ways.
1.) ATo transport gear to classes and workshops I take. This one is perfect because I could carry my Prana Evolution mat which is extra long and bulky.

2.) To keep me warm from the cool studio and gym air while also looking chic with my hoodie up while teaching my weekly classes, working with private clients, or doing giveaway sessions at events such as my non-profit’s board retreat.

3.) To feel my strength as I hit my mat in my home practice, nothing like something sleek and black to make me feel powerful. I have always loved this foldover look in yoga bottoms.

4.) To remember my granny by, her name was Grace. and she too loved to look good.

5.) To gift a piece of it to a friend just starting out on the path to finding their rhythm while reminding them of an awesome yoga accessorize site.

I used to do yoga in sweats, boxers and t-shirts or tanks. I used to lay out a blanket and just go to it on my bedroom floor every morning. I used to think yoga would never go beyond some practice seen as a hippy thing. I have to admit having chic clothes to wear as I practice feeds my fashionesta-self. I must admit I never watched Sex and the City before, but since the two movies came out it has reminded me of a piece of myself that loves fashion. Possibly the evolution of yoga and the fun stuff is kind of a nice combo for me, as an ex-model I can’t help but enjoy feeling beautiful when I am all decked out in special clothes like the ones above. I can already feel the fabric hugging me as I hug my muscle to the bone and drop deeply into Virdhrasana I, opening my heart in my sexy new tank, tights and hoodie :).

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