LauraLynn Jansen

Trip Stats

11,156 miles of tire treads from my Subaru over   47 days   of sleeping in 20 different beds. Filling my tank up 36ish times with a guesstimated 346 gallons of gas which the most I paid for was $4.05/gal in the silicon valley of  CA & cheapest I saw $2.99/gal in Port Arthur, TX.   
13 states seeing an uncounted number of friends: FL   AL   MS   TX   NM   AZ   CA   NV   UT   ID   WA   OR   WY
2 books on CD (along with a few talks by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar) countless hours of music I sang, hummed and grooved to in my driver’s seat to keep my butt from going completely numb after driving for 10 plus hours.
My largest reading was in Del Rio TX with 36 attendees at the local library. Who knew one of the smallest communities I visited would have such a tremendous turnout?!?
In California, Wyoming & Texas I had close encounters with scorpions.  I had visits from coyotes while driving & camping. Saw my most astonishing roadkill ever in Louisiana – an alligator. And got to feed horses each morning I stayed at the homestead of a friend in Wyoming.
I saw several interesting signs along the way:
100% Deer Urine (what do you use that for?)
Devastating spill. Devastating feelings. Oil Spill Distress Hotline.
DNA TEST $199 (must have been a huge market for this)
Erin will you marry me?” with a photo of a woman holding a football and appearing to only be wearing a numbered jersey
My all time favorite sighting was a remake of the sexist mud flaps … you know the sliver ones outlining a woman with perky breasts poised for action? The image had been redone with a man. His large belly is face up as he thrusts his pelvis toward the sky. I had to honk at the driver and give them a thumbs up for the creativity factor. Theirs, an idea I have had many times. I envisioned making a similar counter retort to the objectification of woman’s bodies. [If you think I am blowing my feminist horn invalidly I would like to invite you to watch this video.]
Before I left on this journey I was not looking forward to the long hours in my car. And I must admit I was not as good as I should have been to my body at times. I drove super long hours and almost always felt too tired to stretch at the end of those days, though I really needed to. I ate a bit more chocolate than usual or drank an extra mate drink when I needed a little caffeine boost to get me to my destination of the day.  
Though I started off dreading the endless hours behind the wheel I still ended up seeing so many beautiful sites I had never seen before like highway 89 in Utah and 50 in Nevada. BEAUTIFUL!
I was affirmed this journey was absolutely the right choice when I came face-to-face with individuals encountering serious life challenges. Many folks pledged gratitude for my coming to their community to share my stories of inspiration. These acknowledgments made me feel honored.

One woman newly diagnosed with cancer shown of devastation and exhaustion. I noted her disheartened face immediately on our first meeting. After the last community gathering I facilitated in her community; she attended 3 out of 4 of the events I did in her town; her face had changed. As we said our good-byes she approached me. She spoke with a smile about the light she felt rekindled inside of her. A blazing faith warming under it, a sign of readiness to face what lie ahead of her. She and the many others who gave me hugs and words of gratitude sent me home with                            
   1 content & fulfilled soul.

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