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The Garden is Growing & so am I…

In the middle of my week I work three shifts usually 15 hours (12-13 of them with clients)  I cherish my time at home after working with others on their fitness, nutrition, flexibility and stress. I also cherish peeking in on and putzing about (official midwestern term for doing whatever happens  to be in front of you) in the garden see what is happening.

Every time I walk out the back door, onto the patio and around the hedge of bushes that hide the garden I wonder what will await me. One day it is my first pea pod replacing the white flower there the day before, another day it is my corn with another 5 inches of growth or more. Last week I measured it and now it is over double in size!


While at the same time the Shasta daises are growing at a much slower pace and I have yet to get any blooms on my Rudebekia (Black-Eyed Susans – really don’t like that name). Some plants are like some of the folks I work taking consistent baby steps to get to their full potential. The other day I sat with a client as we talked about motivation between a set [maybe she was just stalling :) ]. Either way it is evident from talking with her and countless others bit by bit is crucial for success. It is why fad diets of all or nothing rarely stick. You need to start in one place and very slowly proceed.

This mindful approach is how after years of dreading figuring out what to eat. I now use the time as a self teaching session for myself. I’ve reframed cooking to be another way I nurture myself besides a exercise or a pedicure. I now actually enjoy going down into the kitchen to make creations instead of dreading it. I don’t force myself to be fully creative every time I step into the kitchen, only when I know I will have enough time to fully appreciate the experience. This of course does not happen on my 15 hour days of working with clients. It does however happen on Mondays and Fridays when I am working from home. I put a timer in my computer to stop at a certain time those days. It almost always comes just as I am burnt from sitting in front of the computer and a welcome excuse to get up and away from my desk. It stimulates the other side of my brain that has been kind of just hanging out as I answer e-mails and creating client workouts.

Tonight it will be pesto from basil I harvested from the garden this weekend. I will also add Italian parsley from my window garden.  It will all go over fresh pasta I made and froze a few weeks ago (so simple!). A wonderfully, groovy green salad (see last post) and of course some kind of protein to build those muscles and give me energy for my hour long treadmill hike and leg workout tomorrow.

Classic Fresh Pesto

3 C. loosely packed fresh basil

½ C. parsley

3 Lg. cloves of garlic

½ C. pine nuts

1 C. fresh grated Parmesan

1 t. fresh or ½ t. dried oregano

½ t. ground pepper

½ to 2/3 C. olive oil

All ingredients in to blender or food processor.

Add enough olive oil to make it thick and smooth.

Add salt to taste.

Add to fresh pasta.

Serves 4

From LL’s kitchen

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