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  • fearOFacceptance

    Learning to Lead

    The group huddles in the living room of the retreat center on day one. We are uncomfortably cozy and just getting to know each other. A video camera is set up to capture whatever we are about to do. The cool, foggy northern California air outside the windows of the house seeps into the room. […]

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  • laotzu+quote

    Ego, Leadership & Self-Study

    Our unique strengths and personal power can have a tipping point. The moment these two go from being helpful, to getting in the way, the divine play of ego is happening.   This awareness is the beginning of Yoga and the modern theory of self-leadership.   Over the last couple months, I’ve been percolating around […]

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  • 115_words_of_life_by_januscastrence-770x563


      Why Retreat? Why Step Away? What does Drawing Back Offer?   Withdrawing from regular life allows you moments to gather in energyusually dispersed into multiple directions. The word, retreat,comes from the Latin verb “to pull back.” By retreating you allow yourself time to focus deeply in one direction and gain a new perspective. Each […]

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