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So[u]lful Living*


An expression of so[u]lful living is as individual as a birthmark. What gives each of us a deep feeling of “health” is a special formula of equilibrium between our many levels of self (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social & interpersonal relations). Of course, it is unlikely there will be a steadiness of these aspects simultaneously. What we can do is refine our individual aptitude of awareness. Attentiveness to the true message of a belly growl or an agitated mind is a great starting point for living soulfully.


My aim with this blog is to offer general ways of wellness, individual considerations for adapting notions of health, and personal musings on living a soulful life. This year, 2016, marks my thirtieth year of consciously attempting to live a life filled with deep health. I’ve learned a bunch along the way, while also increasingly realizing how much I don’t know. I just keep aiming to fill the promise I made my previous twenty year old self to live to its fullest, after beating the potential death sentence of the ‘C’ word.


So till my next post I leave you with these questions to ponder.

“To feel that your life is well-lived, what does it take? Is it engaging in daily activities fully, savoring pleasures before you, to always to be in control of your emotions or something else?


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