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Resolve 2 Evolve (part I)


What is something I really want in my life?

A common question we contemplate at the beginning of a new year or maybe it sounds more like I really need to lose weight so I should exercise more.

My work as an Integrative Health Coach evolves around the question of wanting to change oneself all 365 days of the year. My job is to assist others in understanding what is important to them and channel their energy and resources in the direction of their heartfelt desire. So when the new year rolls around I am always fascinated by the widespread phenomenon of the wiping the slate clean mentality. The whole reset button piece is important, and I see how the pressure of it cause great harm to folks who address the same issue over and over.

On Friday, the 31st, I took a wonderful yoga class with my favorite local teacher Naomi. The two hour class, entitled Resolve 2 Evolve, was packed with almost 60 people eager to flex their way into the new year. She guided us to consider a word to express the state of being to guide us in how we could hold ourselves mentally and beyond. Even as a metaphor for how we showed up in our asanas that day. Mine was “Heaven.” Every year I like to make a slogan for myself that rhymes with the year. Feelin’ like Heaven in 2011.

Her words were really a guidance in focusing in on our internal Sankalpa. Without really realizing it I have been creating my own Sankalpa for years now. This Sanskrit word translates as a – vow, a statement bringing you to your true nature. I found a wonderful article developing this concept more deeply in my latest issue of Yoga International. Richard Miller, PhD, a clinical psychologist and teacher, is quoted in the article, “[Sankalpa] describes who we are and how we move in the world when we’re in harmony with ourselves.” To this I add our deepest sense of self, our Divine/God nature.

A Sankalpa premise is akin to the guidelines I received as a budding life coach over 7 years ago, see others as creative, resourceful and whole. The root san, refers to having a direct connection with the highest truth or as some may see it, the Divine/God. When we pull away all the shoulds and unveil our deepest essence we connect to our Sankalpic essence. By stating this as a commitment everyday, we create a place of nurturance for ourselves instead of judgment.

… more on how to discover your Sankalpa

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