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my butt in space

So, I got up in handstand on Saturday. I did not allow fear to talk me out of trying. It is was the last Saturday Naomi would be teaching at Spiral Flight and I was hoping to make it an additionally momentous occasion. We partnered up as we always do. This time our partner assists by holding up onto the first ankle we bring up. You are suppose to push into their hand with you the front of your shin. It creates muscular energy for the other leg to rise up next to the other. I took my left leg up, Holly held it and I squeezed my legs together. As soon as I was directed to bring my legs into alignment above my head I felt as if I was going to fall backwards (even though the wall was there) and got scared. I chose Holly because I had done it with her before and I trusted her. Often my teacher assists as well and of course I trust her with my life. I don’t trust my own strength. My arm collapsed and down I went again on the left shoulder. No big deal, just shook me up a bit physically, but mentally OUCH!

“You need to bring your butt back,” Naomi instructs after she comes over to me and my handstand partner. As she continued on I realized, “I don’t know where my butt is when I inverted.” I have no sense of if it is above my shoulders or not. She also touched on the point again that it isn’t about how strong your arms are for handstand. It’s about the core. HUH? Have I even noticed my core when I am getting up? I don’t think so. I have been focused on getting my legs up in a strong position together. UGH! It feels as if I l may never get this.

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