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mulling over Lance’s words

My mind has been mulling over the words of Lance Armstrong from his interview with Oprah. I watched both with a deep curiosity from many lenses…


Lense #1: A life coach noting the words and emotions surfacing as he admitted to that which he so vehemently denied before. I observed a man struggling between what he has always been and what he realizes he can no longer be. I appreciated this struggle since I have been a witness to it in many of my clients and students. This type of reflection is never easy to stay in.


Lense #2: A person who guides folks in the health of their whole being. It made me retake stock in all I share with my clients, friends, and family. It also paused me in considering the level of integrity, something Lance will have to work doubly hard to repair in his lifetime, I feel committed to. Recognizing this as I listened to him I drew up a well of gratitude for the opportunities I have had to extend my education from studying all over the world (to later share with others) with some truly amazing teachers. Also for having health products to share that I truly trust, such as USANA (, to provide with complete confidence to anyone who is seeking assistance in supplementing their nutrition intake. I am so glad this company has gone the extra mile in all their products from their supplements to their yummy energy drink, Rev3, to provide something I know I can confidently share with my friends and colleagues who train and work hard to keep themselves healthy.


Lesnse #3: A cancer survivor who appreciated his forming a foundation that put cancer back in the forefront of people’s minds. There is a faith I put into this work as a fellow cancer survivor. Yeah, I’ve joked that I have 10 years more survivorship on him. Regardless I am still deeply grateful for those moments of deep humanity he admitted to having just post cancer and now as he must face his kids, mother and others with his mistakes.


Lense #4: Someone who has moments in the limelight, minor compared to Lance’s, though more the average person. When I met him the first time; several years ago while receiving an award from the Livestrong Foundation for my two decades worth of work in the arena of cancer support, advocacy and education; I couldn’t help but wonder how he does it. How he holds it all together, especially within himself. Of course now I see that what I saw wasn’t necessarily the whole story. He shared with Oprah his now going through therapy to figure out his inner-workings. I know for myself the ability to maintain who I am without being swayed is a fear of becoming too well-known. A therapist; I worked with for many years back in San Francisco; and I discussed this fear. She offered me a great practice she uses as her identity has become more nationally and internationally known. Each morning I conjure up words basically re-grounding me back to the source of self I discovered twenty-six years ago through facing cancer. So as big opportunities come my way this daily mediation renews that sense of self. The words are like a touchstone, a familiar place like the river I often revisit in Tahoe, where I sat during my treatments for cancer. It is an internal place of remembrance of my true self.


Lance I wish you the very best and hope a sense of peace with eventually be yours.

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