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I lit my hair on fire once



I lit my hair on fire once.


Afterwards I was ashamed to admit to my work buddy, Mike the baker, that his call early that morning to light the ovens for him showed my incompetence. It wasn’t until after he caught me examining my burnt ends later in the day that I could share the story of how the flames shot out of the narrow oven chamber. They headed directly for my hair catching the ends of my locks and scorching them to a crispy brown.

Last week I posted a video link to a TED talk about vulnerability. This deeply woven sense of not letting others in or having to be right catches me without even a moment’s thought at times. I am dumbfounded by my reaction when it I see it. Inside I know I could care less about being right most of the time and still there is this gut reflex. Why?

I’ve been naked with just a sheet of cloth covering me in emergency room hallways. I’ve shared many intimate details of my life in a book for crying out loud. So what?! What?! Still something triggers this, yes I hear ‘ego’ being shouted by readers of this. And I understand that as a general rule of thumb, however….

Maybe I am like the politicians who have to look good because of their status of running for office. Maybe this pressure inside is due to my own profession as an Integrative Health Coach? However, as any of my clients will tell ya I never proclaim to “got it all going on.” Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just give ourselves a break more than we don’t? I think this is what I am getting at.

We all know we can’t be perfect, right?

We all can give ourselves a break if we really try.

We all, hopefully, allow others to be vulnerable and not always on their game.


So… how about being ok with our firey hair?

…what if we let it show?

… and work to not judge ourselves for doing it?



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