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… have you in the last 24 hours?
…from the very deepest parts of your heart?

As someone who works with youth around aspects of self worth and self-love I am always saddened deeply when I hear of a young person who lashes out.

I can’t help but believe in my thinking heart something is lacking in that person’s ability to feel worth and love for the self and/or other. A disconnect has happened somewhere. The work of the non-profit I head Catalyst Youth Leadership Project (CYLP) mission’s is to establish, foster and affirm these types of connections. It is our endless job to give love, from the very deepest part of our hearts, as a role model of possibility and capacity for them. The possibility of loving someone we have just met. The capacity to keep loving another even if they do something stupid or thoughtless.

In my compassionate heart I wonder what has created such a wound in a person for them to perform such a horrific act? My thinking heart steps in and reminds me many the folks who do such things are chemically imbalanced and that many things can influence such actions to happen. Not willing to easily discard a more woo-woo approach, the compassionate heart notes the studies being done with yoga and vets who have returned from a land where they are always on the defense. These individuals are often trying to cope with heavy-duty mental issues (such as PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and meditation and yoga assist them in addressing it with attention and focus on what can change even if it is bit-by-bit.

So in my yoga class today. I offered each of my students the opportunity to begin to create of wave of bit-by-bit change. Each of them picked a heart from my Shiva lunchbox and placed it on or near their mat. I asked them to know their practice would be not only for them put whomever they chose to give the heart to, which could be someone in the class or outside. I offered asanas to expose every side of the heart, asanas that presented the heart to the world. I simply asked that for an hour and a bit they simply GIVE LOVE to themselves and to the whom they would give the heart.

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