LauraLynn Jansen

The Innovator


LauraLynn is a published author, an innovator in sustainable leadership, and a cutting-edge illuminator on the pathway of wellness as an  Integrative Health Coach© and a Life Leadership Guide for nearly three decades.

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Co-Active Coaching, is about Being in Action Together.


The ‘co’ stands for the relational aspect.

A Co-Active Coach knows…you hold the answers.

…you are resourceful.

…you are creative.

…you are whole at your core.


‘Active’ represents an orientation toward action.

A Co-Active Coach offers powerful questions,  offering you the choice to act powerfully.

A Co-Active Coach guides the definition and living of your values, escorting you capacity toward an integrated approach.

A Co-Active Coach provides space,  so you can be truly present with yourself.

A Co-Active Coach assists your knowing of the answers, to create a nourishing, flourishing and sustainable life.



She is a collaborative partner in the development of a four-year curriculum focusing on transformational leadership in youth, w which is now the core program for HerShe, a non-profit dedicated to serving foster youth. The program’s mission is to create a powerful and affirming experience in personal leadership with the aim of positively affecting the course of the lives of youth. LauraLynn trains other coaches, social workers, and potential mentors to be part of this full-spectrum offering.

Through her visionary determination, LauraLynn has developed work-life balance programs for senior executives, members of the armed forces, injured nurses, and others struggling with stress and de-motivated lifestyles. Her capacity encompasses everything from group to individual interactions, incorporating intriguing monologues and interactive get-out-of-your-seat-and-experience-something delivery systems. All of LauraLynn’s motivational interactions allow individuals the chance to discover something new about themselves and entice them to dig deeper.

She is also the founding executive director of TheYoke. A non-profit providing cost accessible offerings that invoke a sense of unity and sustainability through a Yogic authentic self-leadership lens.

*** At the moment she is immersed in the doctoral program, Leadership and Change at Antioch University.


The LiveStrong Challenge award was presented to LauraLynn in recognition of her dedication to cancer awareness, advocacy (wait for it 2x) and foresight in broadening how health care is addressed. In order to face one of her greatest fears, the water, she participated in a triathlon. Her fortitude was recognized with the title of Inspiring Athlete awarded by Athleta.  An honorable mention regarding the Human Values Award, given out by the Art of Living Foundation, is also a part of her legacy.

Consulting Positions

US Air Force, Texas Dept. of Health and Human Services, Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital, Mautner Project, KenGen Consulting and numerous non-profit agencies, and health care facilities across the U.S.


Her Master’s Degree in Integrative Health Education is a unique program addressing issues of public health through the lens of Eastern and Western health practices. She has studied healing applications in China, India, Nepal, and a small village on mainland Mexico.

LauraLynn has held an internationally recognized accreditation as a Co-Active Coach since 2003. Immediately after this year long process she continued into the Co-Active Institute’s intensive year-long transformational Leadership programAdditionally, she has acquired credentials as an individual and group fitness professional, nutrition consultant and has over 1200 hours of training in the practices and philosophies of Yoga.