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    Yoga Will Save the World

    It is everywhere!!! It, meaning “Yoga.” Versions of it are used in advertisements on the television and in magazines. Corporate heads write of its’ underlying benefits and relate how engaging Yogic philosophies and practices aid in being a better leader in business settings. And, of course folks doing postures are all over social media channels. […]

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  • Evolution to Involution

    “May I resolve to evolve,” I ask the Divine. Resolve to evolve, to consciously seek a deeper understanding of Self.   This request is for the continual progression of understanding. An understanding of life in this body. I am realizing my request for personal evolution is becoming more of an involutioneach year. This life journey […]

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  • soulful living

    So[u]lful Living*

      An expression of so[u]lful living is as individual as a birthmark. What gives each of us a deep feeling of “health” is a special formula of equilibrium between our many levels of self (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social & interpersonal relations). Of course, it is unlikely there will be a steadiness of these aspects […]

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    The Student

    Life offers the chance to be a student every day. Yesterday the role as student was extremely evident for me as I pointed a stand up paddleboard toward the wavy waters of the Hawaiian Pacific Ocean.   In the follow (student) position, each paddle brings me closer to the rising walls of water. My teacher […]

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    Mr. B.K.S. Iyengar

    I awoke the morning after his death with my vision for my first hours of the day. Most immediate to go for a goal paddle of 7 miles. Fortunately, I choose to pick up my phone and scroll my FaceBook news feed as I munched on my pre-paddle snack. A post of Mr. B.K.S. Iyengar’s […]

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  • Bees Butterfiles Bodies

    Bees, Butterflies and our Bodies

    The analogy of a canary in a coalmine still resonates with me regarding my experience with cancer.  Over the last thirty years, a progression of the damages of lifestyle choices by individuals coupled with the allowance of big money makers having their way with our environment and our food supply continue to make us all […]

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    Minding the Gap

    Last weekend I sat with someone on the edge of this existence. Her breath a widening gap between her place on this plane of physical/material objects and the other side of this reality. Each hour I noted her breath attempting to discern if the gap had grown behind the inhale and exhale. This week I […]

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  • Give Love

    Give LOVE

    GIVE LOVE … have you in the last 24 hours? …from the very deepest parts of your heart? As someone who works with youth around aspects of self worth and self-love I am always saddened deeply when I hear of a young person who lashes out. I can’t help but believe in my thinking heart […]

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    Being Courageous

    From folks who have known me over the past seven years or so I often hear an assumption of strength and courage associated with who I am. Often I feel conflicted by the magnitude in which others see me in this category. Especially when I think of folks like Erica Davis, the first paralyzed woman […]

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    Resolve 2 Evolve (part II)

    (part II) In my own journal I answered several questions prompted by the Yoga International article entitled Inspired Intention. What is something I really want in my life? Note if there are one or several things you desire. What is there at the root of each one? Do they connect in some way to a […]

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