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    Keeper of all secrets and guardian of all fears.   Hodge entered my life across a chasm of sterile white sheets rumpled from a restless night of pain, angst and confusion.     His slightly smiling face of soft fuzz arrived into my life just as I was given a potential death sentence at the […]

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  • Lumineria: HOPE


    This is a rough transcript of my words spoken at the Panama City Relay for Life   Over 20 years ago I went to my first memorial type ceremony, similar in intention to this luminary ceremony. At the time I was deeply moved since it was only a couple years out from my own diagnosis […]

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  • teacher student class

    How do I Pick Quality (teachers)? [Part II]

    The studio I co-own , Yoga Elements, is in a vacation/extended holiday area where almost fifty percent of our clientele is from somewhere else. Often we have folks coming to our studio who are trying yoga for the first time, and when they are ready to head back to their homeland I am asked, “How […]

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  • food woman

    How do I Pick Quality? (Part I)

    I am often asked, as an Integrative Health Coach and a cancer survivor, how I make personal choices for my body. It has been a journey of over two and a half decades to make these discernments for myself. One thing I’ve discovered about myself is I have only a couple steadfast rules. And these […]

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  • Happiness is a journey, not a destination

    Deaf to My Dharma

    “Knowing your true calling in life is a luxury,” someone once said to me, “and forget about living it, if you do know it. I’m too busy just trying to survive.” This skeptic of living one’s passion and I were having a conversation about my work as an Integrative Health Coach (IHC). IHC is a […]

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  • KW vrkasana at water's edge

    Wired for slow & thoughtful

    Her Honda, with the massive gator head on the back window, rode his rear bumper up the five-lane highway. I estimated the lead car was going about five miles over the speed limit, which in my mind is more than acceptable on a major freeway through a metropolitan area. When he didn’t move over into […]

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  • The Little Pains

    Today someone asked me, “How are you?” Automatically a response begins to move toward my lips. Stopping myself from blurting the usual crap used to keep everyone feeling good (and somewhat disconnected from what we really feel). I realized the surfacing words would not be the deepest truth. As the bits of truth came forth […]

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  • gap_tooth_g1

    Minding the Gap

    Last weekend I sat with someone on the edge of this existence. Her breath a widening gap between her place on this plane of physical/material objects and the other side of this reality. Each hour I noted her breath attempting to discern if the gap had grown behind the inhale and exhale. This week I […]

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  • LL.Lance2007

    mulling over Lance’s words

    My mind has been mulling over the words of Lance Armstrong from his interview with Oprah. I watched both with a deep curiosity from many lenses…   Lense #1: A life coach noting the words and emotions surfacing as he admitted to that which he so vehemently denied before. I observed a man struggling between […]

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  • Give Love

    Give LOVE

    GIVE LOVE … have you in the last 24 hours? …from the very deepest parts of your heart? As someone who works with youth around aspects of self worth and self-love I am always saddened deeply when I hear of a young person who lashes out. I can’t help but believe in my thinking heart […]

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