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Bees, Butterflies and our Bodies

The analogy of a canary in a coalmine still resonates with me regarding my experience with cancer.  Over the last thirty years, a progression of the damages of lifestyle choices by individuals coupled with the allowance of big money makers having their way with our environment and our food supply continue to make us all canaries.

Large stones are being throwin’ into the lake of life.

The ripples are flowing out and the signs are no longer just in our bodies.

Like Lorax who spoke for the trees “for the trees have no tongues.” Marla Spivak speaks for the bees. “The bees are holding up a large mirror.” (Marla Spivak, 2007) The bees, like our bodies, can only take so much before the scales are tipped. 30% of the bee population is declining each year. This is only somewhat balanced by beekeepers who are keeping colonies alive to help counter balance this decline.She offers things for this “Bee bummer and what you can plant to change it around.” She breaks down the situation in her TED talk.

Here are some other details in a different publication.

Marla points us, “We need to be more like a bee society…(where) each of our individual actions contribute to a grand solution…” And I couldn’t agree more. I know some folks see me as a little obsessed with recycling and composting everything I can, everywhere I am. It is how I am able to make an impact in my mind. Eating organic every chance I can keeps a few less pesticides out of our environment and my body. I have fought really hard to keep this body well and I am not going to stop now.


“As with honeybees, experts point to American farmland, which is increasingly planted with genetically modified soybean and corn engineered to withstand herbicide applications. These herbicides are wiping out milkweeds, on which monarch larvae feed, in critical feeding grounds in the American Midwest.” (source)

 The last butterfly migration season was dually noted across the world as something to be watch with an eye of concern.

The number of monarch butterflies that arrived at their overwintering location in Mexico dropped 59 percent this year, the lowest level since scientists began keeping records 20 years ago. (Associated Press) When I lived on the Tex/Mex border I loved the time of year when the butterflies migrated. I recall one bike ride in particular as I peddled over a bridge to the actual physical border between the US and Mexico. The butterflies were everywhere, some even landed on me as I rode. Their presence drawing a wide smile across my face.

This is the third straight year of decline for the butterflies that migrate from Canada and the United States to mountaintop forests in central Mexico. They find it difficult to fly, feed and mate in bad weather. This problem is also seen on the other side of the world. Industrial agriculture, urban development and the sprawl of roads in England are all contributing to a 97% decline in natural grassland and wildflower meadows.(source)

I have been brewing on how to present this blog for months. I choose now because of President Obama recently signing a bill that will assist GMO (genetically modified organisms) continue to be a possibility in our food supply. It will allow companies like Monsanto to continue to manipulate our food supply which I predict will continue to change our very cells to create all kinds of interesting new diseases.


Open your eyes (and hearts): Do Something

The cancer rate has gone from 1 in 9 people in the 1980s to now every third woman and every other man having a cancer encounter of some kind. Yes maybe more of us are surviving… does that make it o.k. that more of us are experiencing the ‘C’ word?

All of these facts are an important reference point in drawing attention to the need for personal and global action.

“Cancer is already the leading cause of death in many high-income countries and is set to become a major cause of morbidity and mortality in the next decades in every region of the world.”  Dr. Bray

We can not go on living without an eye toward the next twelve generations. So instead of manifesting  the predicted 75% increase of cancer by 2030 (source) think what would you like to manifest for yourself? What will make a difference in your life and the world around you? Just pick one thing today that you know will make change in your life, your health. Not sure I have been offering suggestions Tweets each day. All I ask is that you Do Something.


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