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Minding the Gap

Last weekend I sat with someone on the edge of this existence. Her breath a widening gap between her place on this plane of physical/material objects and the other side of this reality. Each hour I noted her breath attempting to discern if the gap had grown behind the inhale and exhale.

This week I carried the theme of Minding the Gap into the yoga classes I offered. I  prompted students to consider the gaps in their lives quoting the woman’s voice one hears as stepping onto the London tube, “Mind the Gap” (drawn out in a thick women’s British accent).

I’ve been thinking how I mind the gap in my own life.

– when my income waivers (being self-employed) budgeting keeps me aware of where my money is at so I don’t create a big space in my bank account

– the quality of the produce available to me is surely low in all the nutrients my body needs to be fulfilled so I supplement with USANA vitamins.

– integrating more restore time in my life so I’ve upped my meditations to every day (sometimes twice)

– winter (yes, I have cooler days even in FLA) make me not want to get out and ride or paddle so I have to mind the desire to chill out/ keep warm.  Yes I have to give myself a butt-kicking to get moving a bit more than usual. A Gap I am sure many would be surprised exists in me. J Of course I am doing more yoga in the beautiful new studio I’ve help create.

– QT (quality time) with the folks I share my closest relationships is something I’ve always treasured and it is time to amp this up. The quality gap is too big in my mind.


So this is me minding my gaps. What about you? I’m truly curious.

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