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The Big Sankalpa In The Sky

So I have this gremlin voice in my head. It says “You Go Girl!” It entices me along until right when I am confident enough to take action. Just as I get close to fruition of an idea or project or achieving a goal and THEN it jerks my chain pulling me “back to reality” or so it says.
“So do you really think you can pull this off?”

Last weekend I flew to Los Angeles to work with a group of young women who me and a group of coaches (a.k.a. Catalyst leadership) have been working with for three years now. This last weekend we worked with their gremlin voices through the creation of sock puppets. I created my own sock puppet of this sabeatur voice before I left (see left).
As I created the Go Girl sock puppet I became very aware of how this is just a part of me and not my full self (a realization many of the gals came to as well). The process made me very curious about the power of motivation. What keeps me motivated despite these downer voices? As I see the New Year rush at the gym begin to die down. Intentions overtaken by work and other obligations. I became curious about how I keep myself motivated to exercise.
1st I create a clear plan for the week. Instead of deciding each day as it comes I make a schedule for myself and exercise is in it. I block time in my calendar for each activity.
Monday: DVD from my collection. Right now I’m groovin’ on Jillian Michaels series
Tuesday: Fast hike on the treadmill at the gym between clients plus a weight workout for the lower/upper body. Followed of course by some yoga.
Wednesday: Spin class (high intensity workout)
Thursday: Fast hike on the treadmill with a different cardio machine plus a weight workout for the lower/upper body. And again some yoga to stretch it all out.
Friday: 1 1/2 hour yoga class at a studio or at home
Saturday & Sunday: a LONG hike (several hours), bike ride, a paddle & anything else fun!
2nd  I work hard not to run myself with as much sleep as I can every night. Also unwind time (not in front of the tv – an artificial stimulate that actually exhausts the body more) by reading, writing, drawing, knitting, or something else that stimulated the other  part of my brain.
3rd A big motivator for me is the difference I see & feel in myself physically and mentally after I do exercise. Research is showing a correlation between the interchanging impact of these two on each other.
4th I continually work to reframe my sankalpa. A term translated as *will, purpose, or determination from Sanskrit. The difference with this type of focus is I dig a bit deeper into what I am wanting to accomplish by connecting to what stops me. As the emotions surface I breathe till it passes. If I should miss the mark and the breath delay doesn’t work I praise myself for the effort instead of ‘shoulding’ all over myself.  This process makes me softer with myself, which allows me to keep moving forward and try again.
I wonder what keeps you motivated? Care to share? It could be a golden nugget for someone else. :)

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