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  • Happiness is a journey, not a destination

    Deaf to My Dharma

    “Knowing your true calling in life is a luxury,” someone once said to me, “and forget about living it, if you do know it. I’m too busy just trying to survive.” This skeptic of living one’s passion and I were having a conversation about my work as an Integrative Health Coach (IHC). IHC is a […]

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  • KW vrkasana at water's edge

    Wired for slow & thoughtful

    Her Honda, with the massive gator head on the back window, rode his rear bumper up the five-lane highway. I estimated the lead car was going about five miles over the speed limit, which in my mind is more than acceptable on a major freeway through a metropolitan area. When he didn’t move over into […]

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  • The Little Pains

    Today someone asked me, “How are you?” Automatically a response begins to move toward my lips. Stopping myself from blurting the usual crap used to keep everyone feeling good (and somewhat disconnected from what we really feel). I realized the surfacing words would not be the deepest truth. As the bits of truth came forth […]

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  • gap_tooth_g1

    Minding the Gap

    Last weekend I sat with someone on the edge of this existence. Her breath a widening gap between her place on this plane of physical/material objects and the other side of this reality. Each hour I noted her breath attempting to discern if the gap had grown behind the inhale and exhale. This week I […]

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