LauraLynn Jansen


The Philosophy of yoga

(yuj = sanskrit) union:
a union between our inner selves (our soul, etc.) and the universal energy (God, Brahman, the Great Spirit or with whomever your spiritual belief lies)

Today, more than ever before, people are overwhelmed by the tensions that they experience in their daily lives. Yoga, the oldest science of life; utilizes body, mind and breath to bring stress under control by revitalizing energy on every level of the being.

On the physical level asanas (yoga postures) stimulates circulation, tones the muscles, joints, and nerves, massages the internal organs and improves digestion while maintaining agility, flexibility and activity.

On the mental and spiritual level, the regular practice of yoga and meditation not only cleanse the system and energize the body; they also help to calm the mind, dissolve tensions, fears, and anxieties; and assist in the development of self awareness.

Yoga on the Ground (mat)

LauraLynn’s study of yoga’s eight petals began in 1986 while facing a cancer diagnosis. Post-obtaining teacher certification in India, in 1999, she has offered teachings to cancer patients, at-risk youth, military members, as well as the general population. She touts for a life of possibility as she teaches from her mat and paddleboard.

Yoga on the Board (SUP)

Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) first emerged in Hawaii in the 1960s and finally making its way to the mainland about 10 years ago. Individuals stand erect at the water’s surface level on an oversized surf-like board, giving the appearance of ‘walking on water.’ This amazing cross-training exercise is low impact on all the joints. It works the muscles of the legs, upper back, arms and core, pretty much the whole body.

Like SUP itself, SUP yoga improves balance, develops core strength, and the practice of concentration is taken to a whole new level. One of my students describe it best….

“There is always discussions about how yoga is such a mind body connection and when you go to a yoga class to always remember to ‘keep it on the mat.’ A lot of times I let my mind wander to other evetns of the day or things I need to do, but during SUP yoga it was such a unique opportunity to be there on the water and ‘on my mat/board.’ I felt very connected to my practice, my self, my mind.”

Aqua Yoga

Water acts as support to keep the pressure off your joints; while also providing resistance to create an additional workout to tone and strengthen your muscles. The Aquatic Exercise Association emphasizes that water classes are especially beneficial for people with arthritis, diabetes, osteoporosis, back problems and pregnant women.