LauraLynn Jansen

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“It’s all Yoga,” LauraLynn often reminds folks. Whether refining mechanics of the body in an asana (posture), guiding a meditative practice, or prompting insights of the heart and soul. Her lifelong inquiry into Yoga endows her with a vast perspective into this ancient exploration of Self.

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Three decades ago Yoga entered LauraLynn’s life, and it has been an intricate part ever since. Initially, her practice included meditation with a bit of asana to cope with a cancer diagnosis at the age of twenty. She began, without any label of Yoga, reading books about a variety of mind-centering practices and the teachings of ancient masters. After almost a decade of study through books she took her first asana class. This was a time before the worldwide web so unless you lived in one of the few places with Yoga teachers self-study was the only option.

Upon moving the San Francisco Bay Area in the early 90’s she began to attend Ashtanga to Iyengar based classes with a variety of teachers available to her.

A serendipitous trip to India presented her with the chance to obtain a Yoga teaching certification, in 1999. Her decision to go-for-it lead to living on an ashram in the jungles of south India. It was the beginning of her path as a teacher of these teachings born thousands and thousands of years ago. Her memoir, Inspired to Live, shares the full story of this journey.

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Upon return to the US she shared asana and meditative practices with cancer patients in active treatment, at-risk youth, military members, and individuals recovering from a wide range of injuries.

The traditional roots of Yoga remain important to her, especially as this ancient knowledge is being dispersed into the modern world at a rapid pace. Her observation of this evolution prompted her to form a non-profit, in 2014, theYoke. Its’ mission is to offer a hub for Yoga folk to unite, serve each other (and be supported with low cost resources), and create sustainability on one’s yogic path whether as a student or a Yoga professional.

Whether sharing asana (physical posture), nada (sound), or other Yoga components from a mat, silk hammock (in the air), in or on top of the water (standup paddleboard) her aim is to carry forward the relevance and essentialness of this ancient wisdom into today’s modern settings.


LauraLynn obtained her initial Yogasana teacher certification in 1999 while in India. Over the years since she has studied the many variations of Yoga (asana to meditation) with a variety of teachers. She is deeply influenced by Anusara teachers such as, Desiree Rumbagh, Amy Ippoliti.

She continually remains engaged in learning and has been a member of the Yoga Alliance (a national credential and registry association of Yoga professionals) since its inception.

Currently, she is obtaining an additional 200-hour training in Nada Yoga (Yoga of sound) expanding her already vast and unique range of knowledge and aptitude in this budding field.