LauraLynn Jansen


“The art of speaking, for me, is also the art of listening.”

LauraLynn’s main intent, whether engaged in a predominately speaking setting or more experiential interaction, is to integrate. She blends what shows up from those gathered with her own knowledge to provide queries for the whole group.

LauraLynn’s Current Group Engagement Offerings

Speaking Topics

Deeper Forces at Work: Inspiring Leadership

Inspiring and empowering tales of LauraLynn’s work with at-risk youth from some the roughest neighborhoods in the United States. The scenarios presented offer insights pertinent to any leader’s journey in their own interpersonal relationships at work and beyond.

The Choice of Leadership: It Takes a Rebel

“Live for something higher, bigger and better than you,” is the underlying theme of this talk. The creation of connection, through a lens of compassion, to self and other is the rebel stance overtaking our society. LauraLynn explores with her audience the importance of being that rebel for the sake of ourselves and the world at large.

Somatic-Based Engagement through Yoga

Resolve to Evolve

Individuals and groups alike possess samskaras. This Sanskrit term refers to the general life patterns we’ve created. Often we repeat these acts reinforcing the habits in our lives, like grooves of an old record. Deeply drawn pathways are often unconsciously fallen into yielding the same results, some beneficial and while others create self-lacerating mental patterns leading to perpetual frustration. Through the practice of sustained focus, meditation and yoga movements (asana) we gain knowledge. Insights expand and change the patterns of our individual bodies, rippling out to the communities in which we move. What no longer serves us drops away. We evolve to a place where we can live more freely and fully individually and as part of a larger organism.

Custom Programs

Deeper insight into a group’s dynamics can be evaluated on many levels. The sharing of those insights and the assessed needs provides a specialized opportunity. LauraLynn’s studies and experience in group dynamics provides the groundwork for creating a truly unique conference or meeting setting for your organization. She welcomes your invitation to discuss a specialized workshop or retreat encompassing the mind, body and beyond. She can come to you or discuss the option of other venues where all the elements play a role in the group process.

*  [on a mat and/ or standup paddleboard, may also involve other movement exercise like low ropes, etc.]

Prior Faciliation & Speaking Engagements

Body Love: House Parties
Gatherings to educate marginalized youth and other underserved populations on cancer risk and prevention

Hope and Healing
Co-organizer and leader of multi-day retreats for women living with cancer

Removing the Barriers (RTB)
A CDC funded cultural competency program addressing the women’s issues in accessing health care – Lead Trainer: 2001-2003

Training of the Trainers for Removing the Barriers delivery of a 2½ day training with a co-facilitator covering adult learning and implementation of RTB

Women’s Cancer Support Groups