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Questions I am Asked Frequently About Coaching and my Sessions…

What is Integrative Health Coaching?

How one defines health is unique to each of us. Health is dependent on our style of living, inherited potential and environmental influences. Even the World Health Organization defines health as “more than merely the absence of disease.”

Integral Health Coaching is a wholistic approach addressing all the dimensions of a person through Co-Active life coaching. A session can include somatic practices such as, flexibility, cardiovascular conditioning, diet consulting, and resistance training.

Mental aspects are also considered through the use of mind-centering practices, breath awareness, deep relaxation, creative visualizations, stress and tension release, and other body awareness techniques to promote health and healing.

Can you define Co-Active Life Coaching?

Co-active life coaching inspires you to let go of preconceived limitations or confusion so you can create what truly brings you alive. It’s about self-discovery and empowerment. It’s about moving forward in your life. A life coach invites you to look at your life from a variety of perspectives in order to freely choose your own version of a balanced, fulfilling life.

Techniques utilized by a Life Coach include focused, active listening; curious, thought-provoking questions; mirroring and clarifying; visualization; and goal setting. You set the agenda. The Coach has the questions and you have the answers.

What is the Difference Between Co-Active Life Coaching and Therapy?

Co-active Life Coaching assumes that you are a creative, resourceful, whole being; that you have all the answers within; that nothing is broken or needs fixing. Therapy is useful when there are wounds that need to be identified and healed.

In What Aspects of My Life Would Life Coaching Be Useful?

Life Coaching addresses your whole life. The Life Coach steers you toward fulfillment and balance in all aspects of your life: your self-image and personal growth, career, diet and health, money, intimate relationship, physical environment, family and friends, and recreation.