LauraLynn Jansen


Inspired to Live, The Story of an Unlikely Rebel

The Journey of Writing A Memoir

Some of the moments in my life were best experienced just once.  Writing them out again took me right back to many of those moments. The revisiting of a giddy first crush created fun daydreaming moments. The unpleasant moments of defied trust consumed my being with dread and an ill-feeling deep in my stomach. Writing about tough times in relationships with people close to me offered a chance to heal by putting it all out there after holding onto it for long expanses of time. Wen I first visualized the book I imagined sharing the journey of my personal witness. The voice of the book being me seeing myself through my body, my heart, my mind and my soul. I saw each section culminating with a ritual of release, allowing others insight into some of my deepest inner challenges coming full circle. I began to write the pieces of this book over seven years ago. I mulled over twenty five plus years of journals to find details I had forgotten. I engaged my co-writer to help me organize and fill in the missing pieces a year or so before I finished writing. It truly became a co-creative process to finish it. I am deeply grateful for Robin’s ability to hear me and use her amazing gift of words to fulfill the vision. I hope you enjoy it and that it inspires you to live your life to the fullest!

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What Folks are Saying about Inspired to Live…

Got the book. OH MY GOD! They are beautiful! I’m only 1/3 through it but I have already laughed, cried and been horrified by your treatment in the hospital. – Teresa G. South Lake Tahoe, CA

..what an interesting and varied life you have led thus far. I have also come through some of the same trials and tribulations and it is uplifting to know that you have achieved a meaningful life despite the odds against it. It is an inspiration to read your story and I will share your book with others. – Jannice H. Panama City, FL

A soul’s journey that can be felt in 150 pages. Inspired to Live is a very compelling story, leading you to want to find out more about who LauraLynn Jansen is. – Faith J. Camas, WA

This book brought me to a new place of introspection. Let go & Let love. – Cheryl R.. Del Rio, TX

Faith introduced me to you book and I wanted to let you know what I thought of it – its is really good!

It is well paced with interesting details about your life and health. Well written and kept me wanting to know more through out. I read lots of books and with my British background for literature I am not easily pleased with what I read – however I was impressed with Inspired to Live. You have done a great job with your co-writer? and should consider writing again.

Obviously life has not been easy for you and you have done well to keep your spirits up despite some major set backs – shows how strong you are! I wish you all the very best for the future, for your health, spirits and well being – you have a wonderful aunt to help you on your way!

Take care and good luck! – Maggie

YOGA on Board

IMG_6881A one-of-a-kind laminated book for doing yoga on top of a paddleboard. Figure drawings (stick figures) and written instructions are provided. Book is broken into different groups of asana types (warm up/standing/seated/backbends/arm balances/core/closers) that are put together to do a mini series, or strung together to create a larger varied practice. There are also tips for practicing on a paddle board.

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