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  • Bhakti.SnskrtNcklc

    Bhakti: Yogic Devotion

    Both my granny Grace and the grand-Jansens were devoted to their faith. Their devotion was demonstrated by saying prayers before meals, a cross or two hanging on the walls of their home, speaking about their faith in God to others unabashedly, and by going to church each Sunday. I recall feeling a devotional connection, as […]

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  • LLdrycreekshop

    Little Green Teachers

    Several decades ago I found myself thrown into a situation where my mission became to learn about anything that would assist me in combating the tumor growing in my chest and the cancer cells making their way through my upper lymph glands.   There was no inter-net so I read books. My number one go-to-book […]

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  • soulful living

    So[u]lful Living*

      An expression of so[u]lful living is as individual as a birthmark. What gives each of us a deep feeling of “health” is a special formula of equilibrium between our many levels of self (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social & interpersonal relations). Of course, it is unlikely there will be a steadiness of these aspects […]

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  • images-1

    The Student

    Life offers the chance to be a student every day. Yesterday the role as student was extremely evident for me as I pointed a stand up paddleboard toward the wavy waters of the Hawaiian Pacific Ocean.   In the follow (student) position, each paddle brings me closer to the rising walls of water. My teacher […]

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  • IMG_0011

    Turtle Power

    There is a slow, peaceful creature captivating me even more than before I started paddling four years ago. I first spied her one of my first paddles on the Gulf of Mexico. I took a break from my paddle and did a floating session asana. First just her head peered out to catch a breath, […]

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  • 934686_10200457368789084_1976071419_n

    Mr. B.K.S. Iyengar

    I awoke the morning after his death with my vision for my first hours of the day. Most immediate to go for a goal paddle of 7 miles. Fortunately, I choose to pick up my phone and scroll my FaceBook news feed as I munched on my pre-paddle snack. A post of Mr. B.K.S. Iyengar’s […]

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  • yoga-cupcakes-bratty-490x326

    Seeking a Yogic Lifestyle in the Modern World

    Fog lifts off the “Up North” lake revealing my aunt Janice sitting cross-legged at the end of the dock. Her long blonde hair lays on her relaxed shoulders, as her head rests perfectly on top of her completely upright body.  I register not a single movement of her silent body as only my toes attempt […]

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  • Bees Butterfiles Bodies

    Bees, Butterflies and our Bodies

    The analogy of a canary in a coalmine still resonates with me regarding my experience with cancer.  Over the last thirty years, a progression of the damages of lifestyle choices by individuals coupled with the allowance of big money makers having their way with our environment and our food supply continue to make us all […]

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  • IMG_5678


    Keeper of all secrets and guardian of all fears.   Hodge entered my life across a chasm of sterile white sheets rumpled from a restless night of pain, angst and confusion.     His slightly smiling face of soft fuzz arrived into my life just as I was given a potential death sentence at the […]

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  • Lumineria: HOPE


    This is a rough transcript of my words spoken at the Panama City Relay for Life   Over 20 years ago I went to my first memorial type ceremony, similar in intention to this luminary ceremony. At the time I was deeply moved since it was only a couple years out from my own diagnosis […]

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