LauraLynn Jansen

Yoga Offerings

LauraLynn provides an amazingly patient experience whether leading a class, a retreat or working with an individual in a private session. She offers insights into the mechanics of the body while prompting individuals to be curious about insights of the heart, mind and soul. Interested in checking out her offerings? (CLICK HERE)


Through her visionary determination LauraLynn has developed work-life balance programs for senior executives, members of the armed forces, highly injured nurses, and others struggling with stress and a de-motivated lifestyles in a wide range of settings.


For over twenty years LauraLynn Jansen has spoken nationally addressing personal sustainability and leadership as well as organizational development and diversity. She has consulted for the US Air Force, Texas Dept. of Health and Human Services, numerous non-profit agencies and health care facilities across the US. Contact her today about speaking engagements.